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Meet the Founders Part III: David Ingalls, MS, RDN

October 09, 2020

Meet the Founders Part III: David Ingalls, MS, RDN

David Ingalls, MS, RDN, our third Founder Feature, wanted to provide his clients, friends, and family with an on-the-go snack that aligned with his nutritional recommendations and, equally important, tasted amaZing. Convenient snacking, without an ounce of sacrifice. Read on for David’s take on the “healthy snack conundrum” and enjoying the benefits of nutrition!

“When we started Zing Bars nearly a decade ago, it was kind of an extension of our nutrition counseling practices. We were constantly recommending healthy home-made snacks for sustained energy.  But our clients were busy. They wanted something convenient that didn’t require prep time and could sit in their purse or drawer or cupboard for more than 24 hours.  Zing Bars was our way to solve the healthy snack conundrum: 
  • High protein for muscle building and tissue repair
  • slow burning, low-glycemic, high fiber carbs for sustain energy
  • heart-healthy fats for optimal cell metabolism
  • Great taste (our kids had to like them)
With Zing, we could now offer a great product, aligned with our nutritional recommendations that solved the obstacles of convenience, taste, nutrition...and thus “compliance.”  A product that could help people actually enjoy the benefits of nutrition.  Meaning Zing Bars not only taste good, but you feel good after eating them.  So, when our clients brought Zing to their gyms and favorite natural food stores, we were all too happy to branch out into the great unknown of the grocery and consumer packaged goods universe.  What better way to extend our influence beyond our counseling practices and make a positive impact on the nutrition and wellbeing of our community?  Today as I manage the myriad challenges of running a business, Zing has helped keep me close to the nutritional roots that started the company in the first place.  Now there’s no need to forgo nutrition for taste or convenience.  I’m proud of that.”

David entered the world of nutrition after a bout of chronic fatigue in his 20s. Nutrition had such a powerful effect on his intrinsic energy, it inspired him to pursue it as a career. If such a simple thing like food could have such a dramatic effect on his energy and attitude, more people needed to know about it! So, David went back to school to study biochemistry and dietetics at Bastyr University in Seattle, WA. There, he met Sandi, Kathleen and Minh-Hai, with whom he went into private practice and then founded Zing Bars. Today David is the managing partner and CEO of Zing Bars.  

Stay tuned for Meet the Founders Part IV, featuring Minh Hai Alex, MS, RDN!

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