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Our Holiday Gift to You – AmaZing Holiday Pricing

December 16, 2016


The team here at Zing is brainstorming what to get you for the holidays this year.

Fuzzy pajamas? Nah...

A snow globe? No…

A fruitcake? Uh-uh.

We’ve got it! We know you already love our Dark Chocolate Mint and Cashew Cranberry Orange bars. They’re great year-round, and particularly festive this time of year, which is why we’re “gifting” 20% on these two holiday flavors. 

  • Dark Chocolate Mint: Dark Chocolate Mint Zing Bars have real dark chocolate and a peppermint taste that’s distinctive and natural. Some say it tastes like a peppermint patty but with half the sugar, five times the fiber and five to ten times the protein.
  • Cashew Cranberry Orange: We combined real cranberries, chunks of cashews, cashew butter and a hint of orange zest to create this fruity, festive vegan bar. This gives these bars a refreshing brightness and a satisfying chewiness that will keep you wanting more. Zing Cashew Cranberry Orange has a smooth flavor with a hint of tartness.

You may recall that this past Fall, we lowered the price of a 12-bar box of Zing Bars to $24.95. With our holiday pricing, the 12-packs of Dark Chocolate Mint bars and Cashew Cranberry Orange bars are now $19.96 each, an amaZing deal!

Zing Bars are perfect for you and your whole family, combining amaZing tasting with the right kind of nutrients for long-lasting, dependable energy. Who wouldn’t want that in their stocking? 

We made our list. We checked it twice. Good news, you’re on it! Go ahead and treat yourself to 20% off our Dark Chocolate Mint and Cashew Cranberry Orange Bars!

Offer valid today through December 31, 2016 at zingbars.com.

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