#BringYourZing Part I: Your Convenience Bar of the Summer

#BringYourZing Part I: Your Convenience Bar of the Summer

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You might not be able to go on a big summer getaway, but that doesn’t mean an end to summer fun! Here at Zing, we’re thinking of ways to get outside, get together (with appropriate distancing measures), and make the best of a summer spent at home. Zing Bars are an everyday protein bar meant to match daily targets for the key macronutrients—good carbs, good fats, and adequate protein—and are the perfect snack to throw in your pocket for your next summer adventure. Here are some fun ways to stay active and enjoy a summer spent close to home with your favorite bar by your side:

get out there icon Get Out There

With many indoor places temporarily closed, what’s a better time to enjoy the outdoors? Hit the trails at your local park or take a nearby hike to breathe some fresh air and appreciate your local greenspace. Hunger can hit at any time, so bring a snack you love to enjoy when your body needs a break. A snack high in protein, and full of good fats and carbs won’t weigh you down, but will give you the fuel you need to reach your destination.

learn a new skill icon Learn a New Skill

Nurture your green thumb and get out into the garden! Or, learn the moves to your favorite dance from a video online. Pick an activity that will get you moving and leave you with a valuable life skill to help you grow. These kinds of activities require physical and mental endurance. Having a quick bite of something with the key macros to keep your body and mind sharp will help you master your new talent!

Play Some Sports!

We’re all looking for ways to engage with friends in a safe way. Pick something low contact if you want to get friends involved! Volleyball or soccer would be great options to get your body moving and get the competitive energy going with you and your group. When you bring in the win, share some Zing Bars with your team to celebrate.

With clear minds and healthy goals, this summer can be the time when you find yourself and new ways to interact with the world around you. Happy explorations from the Zing family!