Celebrate National Non-GMO Month with Zing!

Celebrate National Non-GMO Month with Zing!

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October is National Non-GMO Month, which means that we’ll be celebrating our Non-GMO Project verification status all month long! In addition to raising awareness about sustainable agricultural practices, we’re also excited to partner with like-minded brands to help educate consumers about the importance of choosing non-genetically modified foods.

Here at Zing, we pride ourselves on providing real, nutritious solutions for the entire family. We believe that food influences how you feel, and hope you find comfort in knowing that we choose organic, glyphosate-free oats. Our recipes do not contain non-nutritious oils, sugars or preservatives. All of our products are Non-GMO Project Verified because we believe our customers deserve the strongest certification for GMO avoidance.

Now let’s dive into this topic by answering a few FAQs!
What Are GMOs?
GMOs = Genetically Modified Organisms. GMOs can refer to any living thing that has had their DNA altered through biotechnology. When it comes to GMOs, most of us tend to think of crops rather than all living things - but GMOs can refer to any plant, animal or organism whose DNA has been altered outside of the cell, or combined with the DNA of another species. 
Why Are We Avoiding Them?
The safety of GMOs is a complex subject. The majority of safety studies on GMOs are conducted by the same companies making the GMOs. Sketchy? We agree. 
There are cases when the GMO modification process is used on microorganisms to create medicines and vaccines, which can be useful for medicinal development. Yet, when we refer to daily nutrition, the positivity shifts to uncertainty. 

In the absence of independent, long-term safety testing, the ultimate effects of consuming GMOs are unknown. At Zing, we're also concerned about the impacts of the pesticides that go hand-in-hand with many GMO crops.
What Common GMO Foods Should We Look Out For?
Believe it or not, some well-known GMO foods include items you may be eating daily: corn, soy, squash, apples, and potatoes—to name a few. Many farmers grow GMOs to make it easier to apply weedkiller or resist insects.. Because GMOs are common in livestock feed, the Non-GMO Project Standard includes guidelines for ensuring livestock that supply eggs, dairy or meat receive non-GMO feed. 
Why is the Butterfly Label So Important?
As we discussed, a “non-GMO” claim on food suggests that all ingredients were derived from plants, animals, or other organisms whose genetic material has not been altered through biotechnology. Unfortunately, a self-made“non-GMO” claim is not always trustworthy because it is not third-party verified.
Voluntary “non-GMO” labeling is acceptable to FDA, provided it is truthful and not misleading. FDA has guidance for manufacturers that voluntarily label their products as “non-GMO” which includes recommendations for ways to substantiate the claim. This is guidance, however, and is not legally enforced.
To ensure that your purchases are truly “non-GMO,” look for a third-party certification label like Non-GMO Project Verified or USDA Organic. Since 2007, the Butterfly label has helped millions of people find Non-GMO Project Verified products quickly and easily. The Butterfly is the leading third-party certification for GMO avoidance. To be verified, each product goes through a thorough review process. Its major and minor ingredients are traced back through the supply chain—giving us (and you!) the most accurate information about the food you eat.
Why is Non-GMO Best for Our Planet?
GMO crops are grown in a chemical rich environment that damages the soil, increases pollution, and makes use of considerably more energy; which, in turn, causes a strain on the earth’s natural resources. 
Support the Butterfly with Us!

At Zing, we are committed to building a better food system, and bringing you the best possible products while we’re at it. This October, join us in celebrating Non-GMO Month by seeking out products with the butterfly label at your local retailers!