Just Keep Reminding Yourself: “I’m Not Cheating!”

Just Keep Reminding Yourself: “I’m Not Cheating!”

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When you bite into our Dark Chocolate Coconut Protein bar, it is so incredibly delicious that you have to keep reminding yourself, over and over again, that you’re not cheating your health goals! It’s true! Our bars are highly nutritious and taste ama-Zing. We have achieved terrific flavor with this particular bar, and people have trouble believing healthy can taste this good. Within two months of its launch, it became the most popular product in our entire line and has remained so ever since.

Rave Reviews

Don’t take our word for it. Here is a third-party quote from an Insider Magazine review: “Despite the health focus, these bars are quite tasty...The Dark Chocolate Coconut flavor reminded me of an Almond Joy candy bar." This sentiment is echoed in hundreds of user reviews for these bars. Here is just a tiny sampling: “I tried one and was honestly SHOCKED at how flavorful these bars are. The Chocolate Coconut tastes just like a Mounds bar.” “The Dark Chocolate Coconut bar is absolutely the best tasting bar I've ever had.” “You don't just ‘buy’ these bars; you start a relationship with them. You have to break up at some point, but I’m not ready to do that. We have too much history together. So buy with caution. They are delicious, but be prepared for your new life together.” Why does this bar taste so good while being simultaneously nutritious for your body?


The simple sweetness of the moist macaroon-style coconut combines with full-bodied flavors of dark chocolate and high-quality almond butter.


The ingredient that makes all of our bars sweet is, of course, sugar. But note that the sugar source is incredibly healthy agave nectar. Also, there is a scant 8 grams of sugar in this bar compared with 10 grams of protein. We pride ourselves on the fact that our bars contain a higher content of protein than sugar. Then there’s the quality of the sugar—it is low-glycemic, which means that it won’t spike your blood sugar when you eat it. Put another way, you won’t have that famous “sugar rush” followed by a “sugar crash.” We engineer the bar to have a slow, steady release of energy.

Protein and Other Ingredients

The vegan protein we use is of exceptionally high quality. It comes from a rice protein concentrate designed to have the amino acid profile that comes as close as possible to the ideal, which is mother’s milk. Being rich in polyunsaturated fats as part of almond butter, the bar is heart-healthy. Polyunsaturated fats lower the chances of heart disease and lower bad cholesterol within the body. The bar contains 3 grams of unusually high-quality fiber to assist great digestion. Our chosen fiber is derived from tapioca fiber, a rich source of prebiotics for healthy bacteria essential for proper digestion. And last but not least, we make our Dark Chocolate Coconut bar with real dark chocolate, which has a whole host of health benefits, including exceptional antioxidant properties. We discuss this in our recent blog post.

Feel the Zing

As with all Zing Protein Bars, our Dark Chocolate Coconut bar provides that incredible zing of flavor when you eat it, followed by about two hours of zing in your step because of that extended, slow energy provision. If you’ve never tried our delicious Dark Chocolate Coconut protein bar, try it now. But be warned—there’s no going back. You’ll have to constantly remind yourself that it’s good for your health and you aren’t cheating your health goals.