Meet the Founders Part II: Kathleen Putnam, MS, RDN

Meet the Founders Part II: Kathleen Putnam, MS, RDN

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Our second Founder Feature focuses on Kathleen Putnam, MS, RDN. Kathleen joined Zing because she identified a need in the market for a go-to bar that could provide long-lasting, sustainable energy using quality ingredients—while also satisfying her clients’ sweet tooth! Keep reading for her thoughts on nutrition, balance, and the importance of enjoying your food.

“Our partner Minh Hai brought her passion and experience in the world of food production to us and peaked our interest in making the ideal go-to bar we could feel great about recommending. We knew there was a need - clients and friends and family were all reaching for the latest bar, supplement and smoothie to get a "pick me up" or start to their busy day. We knew it had to taste great and have some staying power to keep up energy and provide enough satisfaction to limit overeating. All of us could actually relate. We are busy, need convenience, go for good taste, and prioritize our health. We did it. Great taste with solid ingredients we don't hesitate to recommend. Clients gladly replace cookies, baked goods, and treats with a bar that will actually support health. Keep enjoying Zing and enjoy an easy tasty go-to treat that satisfies hunger and your sweet tooth.

Philosophy: food is a part of health, which includes enjoyment. Changes made in the diet that work, are changes easy to live with. Zing helps with that for many. All or nothing works in the short term but rarely in the long term - which can be demoralizing and all too common. Health is about balance, not perfection. Enjoy your food, choose mostly fresh whole food, and otherwise choose high-quality products that are enjoyable. The 80/20 rule works great here and one that most can live with.”,

Kathleen holds a Masters in Science from Bastyr University and is a Certified Parent Coach, Educator, Group Facilitator, Certified Death Doula, and Life Coach specializing in Life’s Transitions through Grief and Loss. Kathleen is also founder of NutritionWorks and is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and Food Body Therapist. Kathleen supervises graduate students at Bastyr Natural Health Clinic and has served as Associate Professor in Nutrition and Human Development in multiple higher education institutions in the Seattle area. Learn more about Kathleen here.

Stay tuned for Meet the Founders Part III, featuring David Ingalls, MS, RDN!