New Flavors are Here!

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You asked for it. We listened. You’re already addicted to our Almond Blueberry for breakfast… or maybe you keep a box of Chocolate Coconut in your snack drawer at work for that 2pm chocolate fix (well-hidden from your co-workers, of course). Possibly, the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip is being gobbled up daily by your grade-schooler as an after school snack (smart kid). We know your body and your tastebuds couldn’t be happier, but perhaps you’re ready for a new obsession, and so are we. The Zing headquarters has been buzZing (sorry, couldn’t resist) with a new flavor project for the past year. And you, our loyal and enthusiastic Zing zealots, have been co-creators in this project. On June 15th, we are officially launching two new addicting, and always-healthy flavors. Dark Chocolate Hazelnut and Coconut Cashew Crisp are the two additions to our line. They are both gluten, soy and dairy-free. Like good parents, we don’t choose favorites, but the new kids could be our best flavors yet. We put out a Facebook poll asking you to create your own Zing flavor, and many folks rallied around the idea of a ‘Nutella’ Zing bar. We loved the idea of combining chocolate and hazelnut flavors, but knew we had to do it in a healthful way, with no preservatives, artificial oils, and the healthy fat and protein that make Zing the balanced nutrition bar you’d expect from a bunch of Nutritionists. We added Organic dark chocolate to hazelnuts, Organic agave nectar, high quality rice and pea protein, and a bit of coconut to make a bar that tastes more like a naughty treat than a heart-healthy snack. Even our Sales Manager’s niece, Isabelle, is a big fan… (we think Zing Spokesmodel is the career path she’s on) We also know you’ll get excited about the Coconut Cashew Crisp bar, made with roasted cashew butter, coconut, Organic agave nectar, and Organic quinoa crisps (which we think are super cool). This bar has 10 grams of protein from rice and pea sources, just like the Dark Chocolate Hazelnut. We always hear how much you love our Chocolate Coconut bar, so we thought we’d put together a few of our favorite ingredients to take you to another level of coconut bliss. Both flavors are available for purchase online June 15th, and will be available in select stores the week following. As a Thank You for your continuing Zing obsession, enter code NewFlavorSummerSale at checkout in our online store for a 30% discount on our new flavors. Good on 12 count caddies of Coconut Cashew Crisp and Dark Chocolate Hazelnut. Expires July 15th 2012. Win Free Zing Bars! Tell us in the comments below What Zing Flavor is always in your snack drawer? Why is it your favorite? We’ll draw a name by Friday June 22nd, and the winner will receive one 12 count box of the new flavors.