Pocket Gluten Ingredient Shopping Guide

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We’re excited to introduce a series of posts about making the transition to a gluten free lifestyle. Our intention for this series is to provide a few helpful tools to use as you make the leap. To kick off the series, we present a pocket guide with a list of ingredients and food additives that are safe for a gluten free lifestyle, as well as ingredients to avoid. We hope you find this a useful reference guide as you navigate your way through the grocery store and read labels. Keep in mind that this list is fairly comprehensive when it comes to the grains and grain-like additives, but it’s not exhaustive. Some of the items on the Safe List are food additives, example: “polysorbate 60:80.” While our bias is always for whole foods, we didn’t discriminate for the purposes of this shopping guide. “The Maybe List” is a collection of conditionally gluten free items that require a bit of clarification from their specific manufacturer before they can be considered truly safe. Overall this guide is not intended as medical advice; Always remember to ask your doctor or qualified nutritionist for the most personalized answers to your own situation. Erin Hugus, MS, CN has a Master’s degree in Nutrition from Bastyr University. Erin is an expert in Diabetes care and is passionate about empowering people with realistic strategies for optimal health. She takes great pleasure in her time spent in the kitchen and loves cooking nourishing meals for her family. For more information check out: Gluten Intolerance Group website. GIG Education Bulletin: GIG’s Gluten-Free Diet and Drug Instruction. Updated June 2011. Accessed 9/10/11. http://www.gluten.net/2GIG%20Diet%20Instruction%2006-2011.pdf. Celiac Sprue Association website. Label Reading 101. Accessed 9/10/11.