Yes, You Can Eat Foods You Enjoy to Achieve Your Healthiest You!

Yes, You Can Eat Foods You Enjoy to Achieve Your Healthiest You!

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As professional nutritionists who counseled clients before founding Zing Bars, we often were asked:
  • “What is my ideal weight?”
  • “How can I lose ten pounds before my daughter’s wedding?”
  • “What should I eat to lose weight - can I ever have any foods that I enjoy?”

As professional nutritionists, we’re here to say that yes, achieving a healthy weight is important for your health and vitality. But sometimes counting calories or fad dieting can take us to an unhealthy place – one where we’re too focused on numbers or quick results and not tuned in to how we truly feel. Everyone’s ideal weight is different and is dependent upon height, age, gender, genetics and more. Consult with a registered dietitian nutritionist to learn what is healthiest for you and map out a plan together to achieve your goal. And yes, of course you can eat foods that you enjoy!

Healthy Weight Week takes place January 15th - 21st, 2017. We’re highlighting Healthy Weight Week to bring attention to what many of you are focused on this January – your health and wellness. Eating healthy may not be rocket science, but sometimes it’s tough to choose the healthy options over processed or refined alternatives. The more often we’re selecting healthy carbs, quality protein and healthy fats, and in quantities that are appropriate for our needs, the more likely we’re able to achieve or maintain a healthy weight. Fiber is a key component in weight control as well, helping the brain recognize when you’re full. You tend to eat less when you have high-fiber meals and snacks (like Zing Bars!)

You might be interested in trying a program that focuses on good nutrition. One of our Zing Nutrition Grant winners, Rebecca Bitzer, MS, RD/LD, CEDRD, and her team of REBEL Dietitians invites you to sign up for their REBEL challenge, where you learn to enjoy the food you love; make simple, healthy foods; and get back on track and focused on your health after the hectic holiday season.

Rebecca shares, “The REBEL challenge lets you rebel against dieting, perfection and restrictions. This is not a diet, but a great way to enjoy food, meet nutrition goals, and feel better about ourselves without the typical New Year’s resolutions, which are oftentimes difficult to keep.”

We agree, Rebecca! Participants are eligible to win Zing Bars throughout the month of January. You can sign up for the month-long REBEL program here.

Cheers to a healthy, happy you this 2017 – and in all the years to come!